Some thoughts on the Liberal Leadership Race as it pertains to Liberal 308.

A few thoughts from me (me being Scott, one of the admins at the Liberal 308 Facebook Group, and general blogging geek, which many of you will know if you read the Canadian blogosphere)  on the start of this leadership campaign to pass along to you folks, since we’ve seen Frank Mckenna announce yesterday that he wouldn’t be entering into the race,  while on the same day, Dominic Leblanc announced he was officially running.

Folks who generally support this initiative may be wondering if we’re going to be endorsing anyone. At the moment, the answer is no; the main purpose of this group RIGHT NOW is about developing long-term strategies for Liberal Party renewal.

At some future point, that may change, but for now, we’re here to try and get the upper echelon of the party – including those who are leadership candidates – to pay attention that many grassroots Liberals are saying enough is enough, and that real institutional and structural reforms are needed for the LPC to be more in touch with its grassroots members,  as well as having what I keep calling the “10 + 3” strategy that will allow Liberals to compete in every province and territory.

All that being said, if any of the LPC candidates for leadership come out with a plan in their platform to do some much needed restructuring and reforms, or even if they acknowledge that reforms and a change in strategy is badly needed, I think its safe to say we at the website and at the Facebook group  will certainly point that out and give credit where it’s due.


P.S. I note that in our poll question we posted asking  what you folks want the Liberal 308 logo at the site to look like, the 2nd choice is narrowly beating out the current one. I think we’ll keep the voting ongoing until the end of the week and go with the democratic will of the Liberal 308 users 🙂


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