Bloggers who support the Liberal 308 concept

As you might have noticed, we have started to include a list of bloggers over on our sidebar who have endorsed the Liberal 308 idea/concept and the notion that structural and organizational reforms are needed to make the Liberal Party work better and compete better.

The easiest way to know they support the concept and to include them here is if they’ve either written a blogpost in support of Liberal 308, or added one of the Liberal 308 button logos that have been created for that purpose over at the Facebook group.

We’ve added the various buttons over here at the bottom of this blogpost for those bloggers who support the initiative but who aren’t Facebook members to be able to download them and then put them on their blog or website. If you need help figuring out how to put these on your sidebar or elsewhere on your blog, send an email to the site, and we’ll get back to you with some technical help. (And let us know if/when you put up one of the buttons so we can add you to our list of bloggers who support this initiative).



  1. […] mean you can’t use the other logos for your blog/website, which are listed in the blogpost below this […]

  2. Just wondering how anyone could really expect the Liberal Party to run a Country when they refuse to pay their own bills but want the voters to pay the bill for everyone else!

    Just as important if not more important, why do these clowns support the traitors in Quebec who have absolutely no right overseeing the day to day activities of Canadian Government, never mind any coalition government. So why are we putting up with this nonsense?

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