Change Commission

Hey, as you’ve probably already heard, the National Executive passed a resolution on November 27 to create a committee to scope out answers from party members about how to renew structure, technology, fundraising, communications, etc, to be summarized and taken to the convention, as well as five regional meetings, to which regional constituents will be invited, with the option of participation via webcast.

Opinions on renewal topics are being solicited at (click ‘Change‘), as well as, elsewhere on the forums, input into the 2009 budget and comments on public policy. Join the discussion if you haven’t already!

The Change Commission is seeking responses to the following questions:

1. Why don’t Liberals donate to the party as much as other political parties? How can we convince party members to donate to their riding and/or the national party?

2. How can we engage party members in the community? How can we attract community leaders to join the party?

3. How can we best rebuild weak riding associations?

4. How can we improve the party’s use of technology? How can technology best serve our ridings and our members?

5. How can we improve the structure of the party nationally, provincially, and locally?

6. How can LPC improve the party’s internal communications? What do members want to hear from the party?

7. How can LPC and the provincial and territorial associations better serve riding associations?

8. How LPC can improve the policy resolution and policy discussion process?

9. How can we best reach out to community groups and multicultural organizations?


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