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Liberal 308 is a shared weblog that is open to contributions from carded members of the Liberal Party of Canada. All members are equal, insofar as they post in accordance with the conditions detailed below. The site aims to aggregate and facilitate discussion on topics which pertain to the party’s electoral prospects at a federal level, including but not limited to: branding, party financing, recruitment, etc.

Joining up with this initiative? Amazing. Let’s talk.

The blog is distinguished by its intention to convey a thorough, accountable discussion about Liberal ideals and effective policy which is devoid of cheap personal attacks. Let’s separate the plan from the individual. That is to say:
> NOT OK: “Mr. Speaker, Party X is a band of idiots.”
> Better: “Mr. Speaker, Party X is a band of idiots because the ideas which they champion are too socially conservative.”
> OK: “Mr. Speaker, Party X’s socially conservative agenda is inappropriate and irrelevant in view of Canada’s evolving socio-political climate in the following way…”

Positive, forward-thinking, open to refutation. No comments will be deleted; however, your posts will be deleted and you will receive a notification if your content dishonors either of the following two conditions:

1. Respect: No personal attacks.

2. Relevance: Your content will be directly relevant to Canadian politics viewed through a Liberal lens.

Did you read all that? Super! Click here to sign up today and get posting! If you have any other questions or concerns, leave us a comment or email us at liberal308@gmail.com.


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