Mission Statement

There is one clear message that the Liberal Party must take from this past election: We must rebuild ourselves.

No longer can we blame the media for our failures. No longer can we blame other parties for taking away support that we did not earn. No longer can we expect victory to be handed to us on a silver platter.  We need to rebuild and renew the Liberal Party and Liberalism in Canada. Liberal 308 is a pilot project for this renewal.

What does Liberal 308 mean? It means that we must build and active and involved Liberal presence in ALL 308 ridings across Canada. It means that we must reach out to the Liberal grassroots for effective fundraising and policy development. It means we must change our attitudes of the past and set the framework for future Liberal victories.

The next few months will be one of reflection, and hopefully rebirth of the Liberal Party.

The aim for Liberal 308 is to create a grassroots policy document that will focus on the following things:

-Rebuild all 308 Liberal riding associations to become effective organizations to fundraise, create policy, recruit volunteers and new members and provide greater logistical support for all Liberal candidates in the next federal election, with the full support of Liberal leaders, MPs and Senators with regular visits and town halls.

-Bring new changes to Liberal Party Constitutions and Bylaws to bring more grassroots decision-making and accountability to the Liberal Party

-Expand Liberal fundraising initiatives with new and inventive solutions.

-Provide greater election readiness and support for candidates, especially in neglected ridings such as Cariboo–Prince George. We can no longer afford to have candidates nominated at the last minute armed with only a few signs, a few thousand dollars, no campaign office and a lot of luck.

In some ridings across Canada, the Liberal candidate got FOURTH PLACE. We cannot let this happen again.


NOTICE: While the question of the Liberal leadership will undoubtedly be a hot topic for discussion in the coming months, this website IS NOT about discussing leadership or endorsing any leadership candidate. This website is about developing long-term strategies for Liberal Party renewal.

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